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Aug/Sept 2015 Practice Group Sessions Cape Town

*Note – Friday 25th September will be an evening session – introduction to NVC by certified trainer Roberta Wall  from the US (details below).  Saturday & Sunday will be a 1.5 day workshop session with Roberta Wall for people who have experience practicing NVC.

Date   Time Venue
Wed, 19th August Practice 5.40pm-7.40pm Green Building, Westlake
Wed, 26th August Practice 5.40pm – 7.40pm Green Building, Westlake
Wed, 2nd September Practice 6pm – 7.30pm Quaker House, Mowbray
Wed, 9th September Practice 5.40pm – 7.40pm Green Building, Westlake
Tue, 15th September Practice 6pm – 7.30pm Quaker House, Mowbray
Wed, 16th September Practice 5.40pm – 7.40pm Green Building, Westlake
Wed, 23rd September Practice 5.40pm – 7.40pm Green Building, Westlake
Fri, 25th September Workshop tbc tbc
Sat/Sun 26th&27th September Workshop tbc tbc
Wednesday 30th September Practice 6pm – 7.30pm Quaker House, Mowbray


Westlake – Upstairs in the Green Building, 9b Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park, Westlake. Contact Sarah Dekker, (sarahvinikkan at gmail.com) or 073 960 3406

Mowbray – The Quaker House, 2 Rye Road, Mowbray – Contact Farzaneh Behroozie  (farzaneh.behroozi at gmail.com ) or Graham Thomas (graham at gtconsultancy.co.za)

NB – Mowbray practice sessions are from 6-7.30pm and are followed by an optional bring & share supper.

Roberta Wall, from the US, is certified as a trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by the Center for Nonviolent Communication and is an ordained member of the Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing. Roberta integrates the Plum Village Practice and Nonviolent Communication in her teaching and in her spiritual, activist and daily life. In communities, schools, businesses and organizations, Roberta facilitates Communication and Leadership Trainings, Public Conversations, Dialogues, Mediations and visioning and strategizing sessions. With private groups, families and individuals, she offers coaching, mediation, classes and trainings that integrate NVC and Mindfulness into all aspects of personal, family, communal and organizational life. In the Mideast, North America, Europe and Central America, with hundreds of Israelis, Palestinians, Europeans, North and South Americans and others, Roberta offers her work in service of peaceful transformation of our world. Her website and blogs are available at www.steps2peace.com . 

Welcome to the new NVC Cape Town Website!!

With Compassionate or Non-Violent Communication (NVC), we learn to hear our own deeper needs and those of others, and to identify and clearly articulate what “is alive in us”. When we focus on clarifying what is being observed, felt, needed, and wanted, rather than on diagnosing and judging, we discover the depth of our own compassion.

Through its emphasis on deep listening—to ourselves as well as others—NVC fosters respect, attentiveness and empathy, and engenders a mutual desire to give from the heart. The form is simple, yet powerfully trans formative. Founded on consciousness, language, communication skills, and use of power that enable us to remain human, even under trying conditions, Nonviolent Communication contains nothing new: all that has been integrated into NVC has been known for centuries.